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06-04-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for Sausages in Pottage added to the Medieval Recipes

04-16-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for To Farse All Things added to the Medieval Recipes

04-10-2018 - Johnna Holloway' article Discussion: Cookbooks and Where to Start added to the Links

04-08-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for Grewel of Almaundes added to the Medieval Recipes

04-02-2018 - Deni Dinwiddie's recipe for Heathen Cakes (Heidenische Küchen) added to the Medieval Recipes

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Tartes of Quinces without covers. Straine your Quinces with some wine, when they be boiled tender, and an apple with them, or two or three Wardens, straine them and season them with Sugar, Sinamon and Ginger, and so make tarte without a cover. [A Book of Cookrye (England, 1591)] (permanent link)

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