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04-08-2020 - Amy Glier's recipe for Jumbles added to the Medieval Recipes

02-13-2020 - A new transcription of the Grazer Hausbuch was added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks for Germany

07-09-2019 - James Prescott's translation of Cocboeck (Carolus Battus) added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

06-11-2019 - Cynthia D. Bertelsen's A Hastiness of Cooks added to the Recommended Books

04-25-2019 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Sardeyneȝ added to the Medieval Recipes

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169 Jellied fish and suckling pig in a basket. Prepare it like so: Set a clean basket into a small clean tub, lay the fish and the suckling pig in it, pour broth into the basket, as high as you would like. Be careful that the basket is centered in the tub in which it is set, so that it fills up all the corners. And when the aspic begins to firm up, then cut the hoops from the tub, as for long jellied fish, then the aspic and fish will remain in the basket. Subsequently tear the basket off with a clean cloth. [Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin (Germany, 16th century - V. Armstrong, trans.)] (permanent link)

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