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06-15-2021 - Marco Gavio de Rubeis' Registrum Coquine added to the Recommended Books

03-08-2021 - Ariane Helou's translation of Libro della Cocina added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

10-29-2020 - A link to Ein koch buchlein von allerley speiss added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

04-08-2020 - Amy Glier's recipe for Jumbles added to the Medieval Recipes

02-13-2020 - A new transcription of the Grazer Hausbuch was added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks for Germany

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Recipe for Rafîs with Soft Cheese. Take sieved crumbs of leavened bread fresh from the oven and pound only the crumbs without the crust. Knead it by hand with the same amount of moist, soft, unsalted cheese and with a bit of butter. Make a small round bread (qursa) of this, put it in a dish, and throw thereon melted, clarified butter and sufficient honey, cleaned of its foam. [An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook (Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)] (permanent link)

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