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06-15-2021 - Marco Gavio de Rubeis' Registrum Coquine added to the Recommended Books

03-08-2021 - Ariane Helou's translation of Libro della Cocina added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

10-29-2020 - A link to Ein koch buchlein von allerley speiss added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

04-08-2020 - Amy Glier's recipe for Jumbles added to the Medieval Recipes

02-13-2020 - A new transcription of the Grazer Hausbuch was added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks for Germany

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Hares Hares in padell. Take hares and flee hom, and pyke hom clene, and hewe hom on gobettes, and put hom in a pot wyth the blode, and scth hom; and whan thai byn ynogh, take hom up and do hom in colde watur, and dense the broth into a faire pot, and do other gode broth thereto; and take almondes, and bray hom, and tempur hit wyth the fame broth, and put hit therto, and onyons parboyled and mynced, and do hit in the pot, and set hit on the fyre, and let hit boyle, and do thereto powder of clowes, and of canell, and maces, and a lytel vynegar; then take the flessh wele washen, and the bones clene pyked out, and do hom in the pot to the broth, and let hit boyle, and serve hit forth. [Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334] (England, 1425)] (permanent link)

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