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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

67. Again, an almond butter: and to give understanding to him who should make it let him arrange to have a great quantity of very good sweet almonds and blanch, clean, and wash them very well and put them to be brayed in a mortar which should not smell at all of the scent of garlic, and let them be brayed very firmly and moistened with fair fresh or lukewarm water; and when they are well brayed take them out and strain them very hard through a good and very clean strainer onto a large fair silver dish. And then arrange that he has a fair, clear and clean frying pan and empty it in, then put it on a pretty and fair fire and stir constantly with a fair spoon until it is cooked enough, and put in a little salt; and when it is cooked arrange that he has a good, clean and strong strainer and stretch it over a fair silver dish and let him empty his butter on top and wrap it in the said strainer and then twist it well and strongly until the water in it comes out; and, this being done, let him empty it onto a fair and clean silver dish; and then let him arrange that he has a great deal of very good beaten sugar - but only what is necessary - and mix it in with the said almond butter. And, if it happens that he wants to make it parti-colored, let him put half of the said butter in another silver dish and put and mix in as much beaten saffron as is necessary to make it yellow; and when this comes to the sideboard, let him take his gold or silver dishes and put on each dish white butter on one side and next to it on the same dish colored butter, and then let it be served. [Du fait de cuisine (France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)] (permanent link)

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