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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

CXXII - Hens with fennel fantastic. Hens with fennel for 12 people. Take 7 hens and 6 capons in the style of whole hens, take hens / capons and fry in lard well cleaned and strained and take the root that is the radish of fennel and of parsley well washed and fry them with the hens / capons and three ounces of fine spices and put the said spices to fry with the hens and when they are well fried pull out the lard in quantity, when it is not too much and put in water and vinegar much that dresses above (covers the hens ? ). When they are cooked, take egg yolks 18 and take their livers well pounded / mashed and spices with saffron, a quantity of verjuice and vinegar and pull out the cooked roots, take out the hens / capons and pour out the sauce and put this sauce to boil. This dish should be yellow and potent with spices and should have the flavor of fennel and put the chickens in a taiero, and the sauce / relish in a bowl. (serve the chickens and sauce separately). [Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco (Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)] (permanent link)