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“Roßknecht” onion layer pancake from the Oeconomia
Culina Vetus

A second dish from Sunday’s meal – I could not resist this recipe. To make a Rossknecht (lit. a stablehand) Take fine wheat flour and warm milk, an egg and a few onions cut into it and stir it together … ...

Testing Recipes - Of various accompaniments to roasts/ for dipping. Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c. 1581
Give it Forth

I would not consider these "dishes" so much as garnishes--things to put around the roast to make it look pretty.  This is one of those "if there is room in the budget" dishes.  Still fun to decipher and try to create ...

Handmake Your Leather Hunting Pouch

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To Make Quince Cream
Cooking in the Archives

Since I love cooking with quinces at this time of year, I was eager to prepare this recipe “To Make Quince Cream” as part of my ongoing exploration of Christian Barclay‘s recipe book. In this post about a recipe to preserve quinces ...

Encytum – Ancient Roman Fritters
Historical Italian Cooking

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Starting Points: The Great Cheering Syrup
Medieval Cookery

This weekly feature shows the initial steps I go through for interpreting a medieval recipe. I've been lax in posting lately, and as punishment the universe decided to push me outside of my comfort zone with this randomly selected recipe:The Great Cheering ...

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