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A list of texts freely available online relating to medieval food and cooking. Texts with the date marked in green are from the years 800 to 1500 - the approximate range of the medieval period in Europe. Other texts are included here for their value in researching medieval cuisine.

  Title Author Language Source Type
~1300 The socalled Harpestreng cookbook
(Codex K)
M. Kristensen (ed.)
T. Gloning (transcr.)
DAN transcription
~1300 The socalled Harpestreng cookbook
(Codex Q)
C. Molbech (ed.)
H. Notaker (transcr.)
DAN transcription
1616 Koge Bog
DAN transcription
1616 Koge Bog
M. Forest (trans.)
DAN / ENG transcription / translation
1625 Koge Bog
DAN facsimile

Languages are indicated using the 3-letter ISO Language Codes .

ARA = Arabic
CAT = Catalan
DAN = Danish
DEU = German
DUM = Dutch, Middle (ca. 1050-1350)
ENG = English
ENM = English, Middle (ca. 1100-1500)
FRE = French
FRM = French, Middle (ca. 1400-1600)
ITA = Italian
RUS = Russian
SPA = Spanish
XNO = Anglo-Norman