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Medieval Cookery - Submission Guidelines

Please use the contact form to inquire about submitting an article, paper, or recipe for inclusion on this website or related social media.

Medieval Cookery does not accept guest blog posts.

Submitted recipes should meet the following requirements:

1. The person submitting the recipe must be the creator and owner of the work. cannot accept third-party submissions.

2. The recipe should include the pre-17th century source it was interpreted from. If the source is not in English, a translation should also be provided.

3. The "Ingredients" section should include measurements for each ingredient, either in metric or imperial units.

4. The "Methods" section should be made up of clear, concise steps. Complete sentences are strongly encouraged.

5. An optional "color text" is very desireable. It should describe the final dish and can include notes about unusual aspects of the recipe, ideas and suggestions for further research, and reasons for any decisions in interpreting the source recipe. This section should be kept non-technical and reasonably brief - no more than three paragraphs.

6. For recipes that will be hosted on the website, a photograph of the final dish is highly desireable.

7. For recipes that will be links to pages hosted on other websites, static pages (not blog entries) are strongly preferred.

All submissions remain the property of their author, and will be removed from the website upon the author's request. Medieval Cookery reserves the right to make minor changes for presentation and usability.