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Medieval Cookery - Useful Links

Some links to other sites I've found to be useful.

Tools, Articles and Papers Other Researchers
Groups and Organizations Commercial Sites

Tools, Articles and Papers

logo Cotgrave's 1611 French/English Dictionary - Assembled from two scans in the French National Library by Greg Lindahl
Florio's 1611 Italian/English Dictionary - Assembled from a scan of thethe 1968 Scholar Press facsimile by Steve Bush
logo John Minsheu's 1599 English-Spanish dictionary
King's College London
arms A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket
A paper describing an Arts & Sciences contest entry by Phil Troy (Gideanus Adamantius)
arms Discussion: Cookbooks and Where to Start
An article about choosing medieval cookbooks by Johnna Holloway (Johnnae llyn Lewis)
arms Spices and Their Costs in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe
A paper by Prof. John H. Munro, University of Toronto

Other Researchers Websites

arms The Commonplace Boke of Avelyn Grene
The website of my apprentice, Kristen Sullivan.
arms The Florilegium
A vast collection of articles and notes, gathered by THL Stefan li Rous (Mark Harris)
arms Home page of Helewyse de Birkestad
Louise Smithson's Medieval Cooking site (archive of her site)
arms Medieval and Renaissance Food Homepage
Greg Lindahl's web site
arms Recreational Medievalism
David Friedman's website (home of "The Miscellany")
arms Euriol's Medieval Cuisine
Cassandra Baldassano's web site
arms Confections and Cakes
Elise Fleming's web site

Groups and Organizations

logo Online Culinary History Network
An online research library and network of historical culinary texts
arms The Worshipful Company of Bakers
One of the oldest of the City of London Liveries

Commercial Sites

logo Historic Enterprises
Reproduction medieval clothing, household items, and armor.
logo Navarro Vineyards
Located in the Anderson Valley in coastal Mendocino, Navarro Vinyards produces verjuice as well as a selection of fine wines