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dinner of the first day

Source: Du fait de cuisine, (France, 1420)

First Course:
large salt fish (grey mullet, pike) with mustard
herring with mustard
pea puree (pottage)
green puree (pottage)
white bruet of almonds
brown sorengue of eels
arbaleste of fish tripe
pikes cooked in three manners (fried, boiled, and roasted) with green sauce, green verjuice or oranges
roasted lamprey with lamprey sauce or eel with green garlic verjuice

Second Course:
sea fish of all manner
fresh-water fish (pike, carp, trout, pallees, ferrees, char, perch)
lampreys with lamprey sauce
yellow boiled-larded tench with sops
rice with sea-bream
crayfish with vinegar

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