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II. Another Meat Dinner of Twenty-four Dishes with Six Platters.

Source: Le Ménagier de Paris, (France, 1393)

First Course:
Veal pies
Pompano pies
Black puddings and sausages
Rich pies

Second Course:
Hare soup and Eel broth
Strained beans
Salted meats
Coarse meats (beef and mutton)

Third Course:
Roast coneys, partridges, capons, and veal
Chopped and browned vegetables

Fourth Course:
River ducks a la dodine
Tench soup and Tench mold with hot sauce
Capon soup with chicken fat and parsley

Fifth Course:
Bacon gruel
Smothered rice
Jellied eels
Roast fish
Chopped and browned vegetables

Sixth Course:
Little sugared tarts
Sugared milk
Shelled nuts
Cooked pears
Sugared almonds
Hippocras and wafers

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