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III. Another Meat Dinner

Source: Le Ménagier de Paris, (France, 1393)

First Course:
Beef pies
Black beet
Lampreys in cold sage soup
a German meat soup
White sauce of fish
Coarse meat of beef and mutton

Second Course:
Roast meat
Meat cracklings
Little tarts
Roast rabbit and forcemeat in hot sauce
Lombard tarts

Third Course:
Tench soup
Decorated fricassee
Sugared milk with bread crusts
Boar's tail in hot sauce
Capons a la dodine
Salmon and bream pies
Plaice in water
Fried bread slices
Meat tarts

Fourth Course:
Roast fish
Cold sage soup
Jellied eels
Fish jellies
Capon pies with gravy

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