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VI. Another Meat Dinner

Source: Le Ménagier de Paris, (France, 1393)

First Course:
Fresh beans
Cinnamon broth
Black hare stew
Green soup of eels
Smoked herring
Coarse meat
Tench soup
Salted sciaenas and olives
Beef marrow rissoles
Skewers of beef

Second Course:
Roasted meat
Sweetwater fish
Saltwater fish
Plaice in water
Forcemeat in hot sauce like lampreys
Shad soup the colour of peach flowers
Lombardy tarts
Pies of venison and small birds
Sweet chestnuts
Fresh herring

Third Course:
Browned vegetables
Fish jellies
Capons a la dodine
Roasted fish
Fried bread slices
Meat tarts
Jellied eels
Thin pancakes
Little sausages

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