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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Autumn Pearmain (16th c.)

Originated in England and known to have been in existence in the late 1500s. The trees at Brogdale are indistinguishable from Herefordshire Pearmain. A dessert apple of quite reasonable quality as a garden variety. Fruit has a pleasant, slightly aromatic flavour.

Alexander Russet, American Pearmain, Arthur Sheen, Drue Pearmain, Drue Pearmein, Drue Summer Pearmain, Drue-Parmain, Drue-Pearmain, Drue-Permein, Drue-Sommer Pearmain, Englische Birn Reinette, Englische Birn-Reinette, Englische Birnreinette, Englische Birnrenette, Englische Koenigsparmane, Englische Konig's Pearmain, Englische Konigs Pearmane, English Summer Pearmain, Geflammter Butterapfel, Gestreifte Sommer Parmane, Gestreifte Sommer Pearmaine, Gestreifte Sommer-Parmane, Herbstparmane, Hostparman, Juden Reinette, Judenhaut Apfel, Parmain d'Ete, Parman, Parmen Letnii, Parmena Letni, Pearmain d'Automne, Pearmain d'Ete, Pearmain rayee d'ete, Peppin Parmain d'Ete, Peppin Parmaine d'Ete, Platomelum, Pomme-Poire d'Ete, Royal Pearmain (erroneous), Royal Pearmain d'Ete, Schleswiger Erdbeer Apfel, Schleswiger Erdbeerapfel, Schleswiger Jordbaeraeble, Sigler's Red, Slesvigsk Jordbaeraeble, Smultronparman, Sommarparman, Sommer Parmane, Sommer-Parmaine, Sommer-Parmane, Striee d'Ete, Summer Pearmain, Summer Pippin

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]