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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Bergamote d'Ete (1628)

Synonyms: Bergamot Summer, Bergamotte d'Ete, Bergamotte d'Angleterre, Bergamotte d'Hampden, Beuvrier, Early Summer Bergamot, Hampden's Bergamot, Milan and Milan blanc, Milan Beuviere, Milan Blanc, Milan de la Beuvriere

Place and time of origin unknown. Mentioned by Le Lectier in 1628 under the name of 'Milan de la Beuveriere'. Fruit medium in size and generally globular in form, sometimes slightly turbinate. Skin pale green in color, occasionally tinged with yellow, occasionally blushed, numerous dots. Flesh white, fairly fine, quite free of grit, juicy. Moderately sweet, somewhat acidulous, pleasing flavor. Rather early in season. Tree vigorous, with grayish foliage. Moderately susceptible to fire blight. -- H. Hartman, Oregon Experiment Station Bulletin, 1957.

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