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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Beurre d'Angleterre (1628)

Synonyms: Almond Pear, Angleterre or English Beurre, Archiduc Charles, Bec d'Oie, Beurre Amande, Beurre d'Angleterre, Beurre Judes, Dobbel Amandel (of the Dutch), English Beurre, Long de Monkouty, Longe de Markouts, Longue de Monkowty, Longue de Nakourts, Monkowthy, Noisette, Poire d'Angleterre

Angleterre or English Beuree is rather above the medium size, round at the blossom end, diminishing to a point at the stalk, which is long and large - the skin is smooth, of a greenish yellow; the flesh tender, half buttery and melting, apt to rot soon; it ripens in September with many of the finest pears, which lessens the estimation in which it would otherwise be held. -- W. Coxe, A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, 1817.

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