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Variety: Bourdine (17th c.)

The fruit is very beautiful, large, and of excellent flavour; its colour is a light red, blotched over that part which is exposed to the sun with a darker red; the flesh is of a pale yellowish colour, with red blotches next the stone. It ripens late in September, or early October, about London. It often has a very small nipple at the end of it. The stone is large and of a reddish brown. The aspect which evidently suits it best, in the latitude of London, is fronting the East.

[Source: Pomona londinensis: containing colored engravings of the most esteemed fruits cultivated in the British gardens : with a descriptive account of each variety, Volume 1, William Hooker, Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain) 1818. (Google eBook) ]

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