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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Calville Blanc (1598)

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Raised in Europe, probably France or Germany. Recorded in 1598. Fruits have a rather soft, fine-textured juicy flesh with a rich, sweet, aromatic flavour. Fruits fail to ripen fully in the UK.

a Frire, Admirable Blanche, Admirable-Blanche, American White Winter Calville, Bial zimen Kalvil, Bily zimni hranac, Blanche de Zurich, Blanche des Wurtembergeois, Blandureau d'Auvergne, Bonnet Caree, Bonnet Carre, Bonnet Carret, Bonnet-Carre, Caleville Blanche, Caleville de Gascogne, Caleville Tardif, Calleville, Calleville Blanc, Calleville Blanc a Cotes, Calleville Blanc d'Hiver, Calleville Blanche, Calvil Alb de Iarna, Calvill Weisser Winter, Calvilla Alba, Calvilla Bianca d'Inverno, Calville a Cotes, Calville Acoute, Calville Blanc, Calville Blanc a Cotes, Calville Blanche, Calville Blanche a Cotes, Calville Blanche d'Automne, Calville Blanche d'Hiver, Calville Blanche d'Hyver, Calville Blanche Melonne a Cotes, Calville de Gascogne, Calville de Paris, Calville Tardive, Calville White Winter, Calville Withe Winter, Calvine, Calvire, Catogna, Cotogna, de Calville, de Coign, de Coing, de Fraise, Eck Apfel, Eckapfel, Eggerling, Ekkeling, Englischer Winter Calville, Englisher Weisser Winter Calville, Fraise d'Hiver, Framboise d'Hiver, Franzosischer Quitten Apfel, Franzosischer Quittenapfel, Gelber Winter Calvill, Gelber Winter Calville, Glace, Gros Rambour a Cotes, Gros-Rambour a Cotes, Gross-Pomme de Zurich, Grosse Pomme de Zurich, Grosse-Pomme Blanche du Wurtemberg, Hvid Vinterkalville, Hvit Vintercalvill, Kalvil Belii Zimnii, Kalvil Bily Zimni, Malus Calvilla Alba, Melonen apfel, Melonenapfel, Melonne, Melonne a Cotes, Niger, Ostenapfel, Oster Apfel, Paasch Apfel, Paaschapfel, Paradies Apfel, Paradiesapfel, Parijskii Kalvil, Paris Apple, Parisapfel, Pome de Fraise, Pomme de Caleville, Pomme de Calleville, Pomme de Calville, Pomme de Coign, Pomme de Coin, Pomme de Fraise, Pomme de Framboise, Pomme de Glace, Pomme Glace, Quitten Apfel, Quittenapfel, Rambour a Cotes Gros, Rambour a Cotes Grosses, Reinette a Cotes, Reinette Cotelee, Reinnette a Cotes, Stern Apfel, Stern Reinette, Sternapfel, Sternreinette, Taponelle, Taponne, Taponnelle, Tapounelle, Teli feher kalvil, Vit Vinterkalvil, Vit Vinterkalvill, Wahrer Winter Calville, Weiss Zurich, Weisse Winter Calvill, Weisse Winter Calville, Weisser Erdbeerapfel, Weisser Himbeer, Weisser Himbeer Apfel, Weisser Himbeerapfel, Weisser Winter Calvill, Weisser Winter Calville, Weisser Winter-Calvill, Weisser Winterkalwil, Weisser Zurich Apfel, Weisser Zurichapfel, Weiszer Erdbeerapfel, Weiszer Himbeerapfel, Weiszer Wintercalville, White Autumn Calville, White Calville, White Winter Calville, Winter Calville, Winter Quitten Apfel, Winter Quittenapfel, Winter White, Winter White Calville, Winter Wite Calvile, Withe calville, Witte Winter Calville

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]

Fruit: size medium to large; shape flat conic, convex, entire fruit prominently ribbed; skin yellow with light red flush; flesh tender, yellowish white; flavor sweet and subacid, aromatic; Harvest season VERY LATE. Highest vitamin C content of any apple, more than orange juice. Considered best apple for cider and cider vinegar. Also, good eating apple. Excellent keeper. Medium large tree, growth habit moderate and somewhat upright. Requires cross pollination.

[Source: USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (09 December 2006) ]