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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Chataignier (1200)

Originated from Normandy, France. It was known in 1200. Fruits have firm, white flesh with a fairly sweet, subacid flavour.

Castagnola, Chastaignier d'Hiver, Chataigne de Leman, de Castegnier, de Chastignier, de Chataignier, Frauen Rotlicher, Frauen-Rotacher, Kashtan, Kastanien Apfel, Kastanienapfel, Maltranche, Maltranche Rouge, Martranche, Martrange, Martrange Chataignier, Matrange, Matrange Rouge, Pomme de Castignier, Pomme de Chataignier, Pomme de Chatinier, Pomme de George, Violette, Winter Kastanien Apfel, Winter Kastanienapfel

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]