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Coeur de Boeuf

Variety: Coeur de Boeuf (13th c.)

An apple of French origin. Known since 1200s. Fruits have soft, greenish veined pink flesh with a sweet subacid, aromatic flavour.

Blut Apfel, Bruindeling, Caillot Rosat, Calville Coeur de Bocuf, Claudine de Provence, Cocur Boeuf, Couchine, Couchine de Caillot Rosat, Couchine de Provence, Couchine Rouge, de Boeuf, de Caillot Rosat, de Rouveau, de Rouviau, du Rouveau, Grosse Rouge, Grosse-Pomme Rouge, Ochsenherz, Paradis Rouge, Pomme de Boeuf, Rot Apfel, Rouveau, Sanguine, Sanguinole

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]

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