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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Forelle (17th c.)

Available from:
Trees of Antiquity

Fruit medium in size oblong-obovate-pyriform with neck varying considerably in length. Skin smooth, deep yellow in color, usually prominently blushed, distinctive 'trout' spots, red or green in color,very attractive. Flesh unusually white, fine but slightly granular at center, sometimes buttery but often quite firm, moderately juicy. Sweet, aromatic flavor but quite variable in dessert quality. Often fails to ripen after cold storage. Midseason. Tree moderately vigorous, upright and stiff, apple-like foliage, reasonably productive. Very susceptible to fire blight. The original tree at the Southern Oregon Branch Station succumbed to blight. -- H. Hartman 1959.

[Source: USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (03 August 2014) ]