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Variety: Lady (1628)

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Trees of Antiquity
Vintage Virginia Apples

Also known as Lady Apple. It is thought to have been found in the Forest of Apis, Brittany, France. Recorded in 1628. Fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy with an aromatic flavour. Highly decorative fruits.

Almindelig, American Lady, Apfel Klenie, Api Eller, Api fin, Api Gros, Api ordinaire, Api Petit, Api Petite, Api Piccolo, Api rose, Api rouge, Api rouge d'Hiver, Api rozove, Apia, Apio, Apis, Appease, Appia, Appie, Appio, Apy, Apy rouge, Bollen Apfel, Bomdabinchen, Bomdabincheu, Cardinal, Cardinale, Christmas Apple, Claduiana, d'Api, de Cardinal, de Lady, de Long Bois, de Long-Bois, Dieu, Doppelter Api, Etoilee, Gro Api, Gros Api rouge, Gros-Api rouge, Kis Api, Kliene Api, Kliener Api, Krippele, Lady, Lady Apple, Lady Apple of the Americans, Lille Api, Long Bois, Long-Bois, Male Jablicko, Malus Apiosa, Mela Appiola Piccola, Passe Rose, Petit Api, Petit Api rose, Petit Api rouge, Petit Apis, Petit-Api rose, Petit-Api-rouge, Petit-Apis, Petite Api rouge, Pippin Dien, Pippin Rose, Pomme Apease, Pomme Appease, Pomme d'Api, Pomme d'Api Rouge, Pomme d'Apiet, Pomme d'Apis, Pomme d'Appease, Pomme de Long-Bois, Pomme Dien, Pomme Dieu, Pomme Rose, Pomme-Rose, Pomone d'Apis, Pompone Apple, Pontaferl, Rose, Rosenapi

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]

Fruit: size small, 40-80 mm; skin 30-80% orange blush, green ground color; shape oblate; flesh firm, nearly white; flavor slightly acid; eating quality fair; harvest season late October, 3 weeks after Delicious. Tree: very upright growth habit; productive; strongly biennial cropping. Oldest apple variety. Grown in the Gardens of Louis XIII, Orleans, 1628. Exquisitely beautiful little dessert apple, cream and crimson. Tender, crisp, very juicy, slightly perfumy. Used for Christmas wreaths. Nov. to Dec. Small tree. Bears heavily.

[Source: USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (09 December 2006) ]

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