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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Messire Jean (1550)

Synonyms: Brown Orange, Chaulis, Communaute, Convent, Coulis, Emmilacour, Gray Monsieur John, John, Marion, Messire Jean, Messire Jean Blanc, Messire Jean Golden, Messire Jean Dore, Messire Jean Gris, Mr. John, Monsieur Jean, Monsieur Brown Gold, Monsieur Jean Dore, Monsieur John, White and Grey Messire Jean, White and Gray Monsieur John, White Monsieur John

This pear is held in high estimation in France, but in this part of America it is very apt to rot; it is of moderate size, but sometimes on young trees and rich ground, it grows large; the blossom end is full an round, diminishing suddenly towards the stem, which is of moderate length; the skin is rough, and when fully ripe, yellow with a portion of russet. It is sometimes called the Monsieur Jean doree; the flesh is coarse, juicy,and sprightly; but not ver rich or highly flavoured - it ripens in October. -- W. Coxe, A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, 1817.

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