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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Old Nonpareil (16th c.)

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Cummins Nursery

Thought to be of French origin. It was introduced into England in the mid 1500s. Fruits have greenish white, fine-textured, juicy flesh with a slightly acid and pleasant aromatic flavour.

Alter Nonpareil, Bespodobnoe starinnoe, Duc d'Arsel, Duc d'Arsell, English Nompareil, English Nonpareil, Golden Russet Nonpareil, Groene Franche Renet, Groene Reinette, Groene Renet, Gruener Reinette, Grune Reinette, Grune Reinette (Diel), Hunt's Green Nonpareil, Hunt's Nompareil, Hunt's Nonpareil, Loveden's Pippin, Lovedon's Pippin, Neu Englischer Nonpareil, Neue Englische Nonpareil, Neuer Englischer Nonpareil, Neuer Grosser Englischer Nonpareil, Nom-pareil, Nompareil, Nompareil d'Angleterre, Non Pareille, Non Pareille (I'Ancienne), Non Pareille Ancienne, Non-Pareille, Non-Pareille Ancienne, Nonpareil d'Angleterre, Nonpareil Old, Nonpareille, Nonpareille Ancienne, Nonpareille d'Angleterre, Nouvelle Grosse Non Pareille Anglaise, Nouvelle Grosse Non-Pareille Anglaise, Nouvelle Non Pareille Anglaise, Nouvelle Non-Pareille Anglaise, Old Nompareil, Old Nonpareil, Original Nompareil, Original Nonpareil, Poire, Pomme Poir, Pomme Poire, Pomme-Poire, Reinette Franche, Reinette Nompareille, Reinette Non Pareille, Reinette Non- Pareille, Reinette Non-pareil, Reinette Nonpareil, Reinette Nonpareille, Reinette Sans Pareille, Reinette Sans-Pareille, Reinette Verte, Sans Pareille, Sans-Pareille, Unvergleichliche Reinett

Fruit: size medium, W55 x L50 mm; shape intermediate to flat, truncate- conic, convex, asymmetric; skin yellowish green, brown-red flush, russet dots and patches; flesh tender, crisp, green- ish; flavor rich, vinous, aromatic, superb flavor; harvest season very late; ripens late October.

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection ]

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