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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Red Joaneting (1655)

Originated in England. It was recorded in 1665. Fruits have soft, greenish white flesh with a subacid flavour.

American Red Juneating, Cervene Marketove, d'Eve, Duverson's June, Early June, Early Margaret, Early Red, Early Red Jeneting, Early Red Jenetting, Early Red Juneating, Early Red Margaret, Early Striped Jeneting, Early Striped Jenetting, Early Striped Juneating, Eve, Eve Apple, Eve Apple (Irish), Eve Apple (of Ireland), Eve Apple of the Irish, Geneting, Herr's June, Joanneting, Johaneating, Johanecating, June, Juneating Red, Juneating Rouge, Juneting, Lammas, Maddalene, Madeleine Rouge, Magdalene, Margareten Apfel, Margaretha, Margaretha Apfel, Margaretha Apfel of the Germans, Margarita, Marget, Marget Apple, Marguerite, Marguerite Rouge Precoce, Maudlin, Mela Margarita Rossa, Mugdale, Owen's Golden Beauty, Passe-Pomme d'Ete, Piros Margitalma, Pomme d'Eve, Primiting, Red Early Margaret, Red Joaneting, Red Joanneting, Red June, Red June-eating, Red Juneating, Red Juneting, Red Margaret, Reinette Quarrendon, Roter Jacobs Apfel, Roter Margareten Apfel, Roter Margaretenapfel, Roter Morgareten, Rother Jacob's, Rother Jacob's Apfel, Sommer Traveller, Striped Early Jeneting, Striped Joaneting, Striped Joanneting, Striped Joannetting, Striped June, Striped Juneating, Striped Quarenden, Striped Quarendon, Striped Quarrenden, Striped Quarrendon, Striped Quatford, Summer Pippin, Summer Traveller, Virginia June, White Juneating

[Source: UK National Fruit Collection]

Recorded history dated to 1665. Fruit: size medium, W51 X L51 mm; shape tall truncate-conic, convex to straight, ribbed at the calyx basin; skin greenish yellow much flushed and striped bright red, russetting seens as dots; flesh soft, greenish white; flavor subacid, season early, calyx very prominent, no calyx basin. Juneating, is not the same as Red Joaneting, see literature. There is more than one Red June, see literature. Red Juneating is also a synonym for Early Strawberry.

[Source:USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (13 May 2011)]

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