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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Shropshire Damson (17th c.)

Tree large, vigorous, vasiform, hardy, productive; leaves flattened, obovate, about one inch wide, two inches long, thin; season of bloom medium, flowers seven-eighths inch across, white; fruit late, season long, one and one-half incehs by one inch in size, oval, apex roundish, color purplish-black, overspread with thick bloom; skin thin, tender, adhering; flesh golden-yellow, juicy, frim but tender, agreeably tart at full maturity; stone clinging, three-quarters inch by one-half inch in size, oval; unless sprayed foliage falls prey to fungi and drops early; recommended for both home and market." Per Plums and Plum Culture (see citation): "stem about one-half inch long; no suture; blue bloom; no dots visible; one of the favorite Damsons.

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