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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Sucre Verte (1598)

Synonyms: Bayonnaise, Green Sugar, Green Summer, Gris de Chine, Prince's Green Sugar, Sucre Verd, Sucre Vert, Sugar Pear, Sukerey d'Automne, Verdette

The name means 'Sweet Green' in English. Origin obscure. Believed to have come from Barmont, a chateau on the boundary of Burgundy. Described as early as 1598. Well known in Paris by 1670. Fruit small in size, roundish-turbinate in form. Skin smooth, glossy, intense green in color with inconspicuous dots. Flesh white, fine, but with some grit at the center, buttery, juicy. Fairly sweet, nut-like aroma, pleasing flavor. Early midseason. Tree vigorous, spreading in habit, very productive. Moderately susceptible to blight. -- H. Hartman, 1957.

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