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Medieval Fruit Varieties

Variety: Verte Longue d'Automne (1500)

Synonyms: Autumn Mouthwater, Coule Soif d'Automne, Long Green, Long Gree of Autumn, Mouille Bouche d'Automne, Panachee

The name means 'Long Green of Autumn'. Not to be confused with 'Longue Vert' which is a distinct variety. The origin of this ancient variety is uncertain. It is known to have been grown extensively in France 450 years ago (in 1957). The German author, Henry Munger, considered it identical with the variety 'Viridium' supposedly described by Pliny during the first century A.D. The validity of this deduction, however, was questioned by European authors of a later period. Fruit medium in size obtuse-turbinate in form, sometimes lopsided. Skin generally green in color with prominent gray dots. Flesh fine, melting, juicy. Usually quite sweet and pleasing in flavor but may be of mediocre quality unless properly grown and handled. Early midseason. Tree vigorous, upright in habit, fairly productive. Quite susceptible to blight. -- H. Hartman, 1957

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