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Easy Recipes

These recipes are fairly simple to make. They require few if any unusual ingredients, and can be made with a minimum amount of skill or time.

Agraz (apple verjuice)
Almond Milk
Apple Tart
Bake Mete Ryalle
Baked Gammon of Bacon
Balls or Skinless Sausages
Barley Water
Beef y-Stewed
Boiled Asparagus
Buttered Beere
Cameline Sauce
Capon Pie
Chardewardon (pear custard)
Cormarye (roast pork)
Cremoneze Tart
Ember Day Tart
Fine Cakes (cookies)
Fine Spice
Fish Sausage
Flaune of Almayne
Frittata (Egg Omelet)
Garlic Cheese
Grave of Small Birds
Greens (spinach)
Grewel of Almaundes
Heathen Cakes
Hungarian Tart
Hypocras (spiced wine)
Mylates of Pork (pork pie)
Peeres in Confyt
Pegions Stewed
Pepper Sauce
Pickled Vegetables
Potage of ris
Pottage of Turnips
Powder Douce
Powder Douce
Powder Fine
Powder Fort
Pynade (candy)
Quynces or Wardones in paast
Rice Lombard
Rice in Almond Milk
Rissoles On A Meat Day
Salad of Greens
Salad of Roots
Salmon Pie
Sausages in Pottage
Sobre Sauce
Soft Stewed Pears
Stewed Capon
Stewet Beef
Stuffed Eggs
Sweet Spice
Tart of Turnips
Tarte of Wardens (pear pie)
Tartys In Applis
Tartys In Applis
To Bake Chickins
To Farse All Things (stuffing)
Yellow Pepper Sauce

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