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Hot Dishes

The following recipes are best when served hot.

Recipes marked G are the work of Kristen Sullivan and are hosted on her website,

Recipes marked Z are the work of Jennifer Marshall-Craig and are hosted here by permission.

Recipes marked H are the work of Diana Hart and are hosted here by permission.

Recipes marked V are Vegan recipes by Felice Debbage and are hosted here by permission.

A Pudding in a Cowcumber
Alepevere Sauce
Alows de Beef
Bake Mete Ryalle
Baked Mallard G
Balls or Skinless Sausages G
Beef Pie H
Beef y-Stewed
Black Sauce for Capon
Boiled Asparagus
Bukkenade (beef stew)
Buttered Beere
Cameline Sauce
Capon Pie Z
Capon Roste
Chicken Pasty
Chike endored
Chopped Liver
Chopped Spinach G
Cinnamon Brewet Z
Cinnamon Soup
Cod G
Cold Sage
Coney in Civey
Diuers Sallets
Drawen Benes (vegan) V
Eeles in Bruet G
Fish Sausage
Funges (vegan) V
Garnished Turnips
Greens (spinach) Z
Grete Pyes
Humbles of a Deere
Jance Sauce G
Kabobs G
Kings Chicken H
Lumbard Mustard
Mawmenee (vegan version) V
Mushroom Tart G
Parma Tarts
Payne Foundewe (bread pudding) G
Peeres in Confyt
Pepper Sauce G
Pickled Cabbage G
Pies of Paris G
Pigge or Chiken in Sauge
Pochee (poached eggs with custard sauce)
Pork Sausages Z
Pottage of Turnips
Pumpes (meatballs)
Pyes of Paris
Rice Tart G
Rique-Manger (eggs and apples)
Roast Hen Z
Roasted Rice G
Roasted Turnips
Roe Deer
Roman Macaroni G
Roman Meatloaf V
Ryse G
Rysschews of Fruit
Salat of Asparagus G
Sauce Gauncile
Sauce Madame
Sauce for Stekys
Sauce for a Conie G
Shrimp G
Sobre Sauce
Stewed Capon
Stewet Beef
Stuffed Cabbage G
Stuffed Piglet
Tart of Turnips N
Tartes of Flesch
To Bake Eeles G
To Bake Venison G
Turkey G
Turnips G
Verte Sauce
Wastels yfarced
White Leek Sauce
Wild Duck Sauce
Wortes (cabbage) G

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