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Vegetarian Dishes

The recipes listed below do not contain meat. Each recipe is marked if it contains dairy, eggs, or fish.

A Dishe of Artechokes
A Tart of Ryce - eggs
Agraz (apple verjuice)
Alepevere Sauce -
Almond Milk
Almond Pudding G - dairy
Apple Muse
Apple Tart G - dairy, eggs
Apple Tart Z
Applemoyse - eggs
Barley Water
Black Grape Sauce G
Blaunche Perreye (White Pea Soup) Y
Boiled Asparagus - dairy
Breney (fruit compote) G - eggs
Buttered Beere - dairy, eggs
Cabbage H
Cameline Sauce
Candied Horseradish
Cawdel Out of Lente Y
Cawdelle de Almaunde Y
Chardewardon (pear custard) - eggs
Chardquynce (quince custard) - eggs
Cheese ("Fromage Facile") - dairy
Cherry Sauce H
Cherry Torte - dairy, eggs
Claret Z
Cod G - fish
Cold Leshe Viand G - dairy, eggs
Cominee - eggs
Conserve of Orenges
Cremoneze Tart - dairy, eggs
Cruste Rolle (fried crackers) - eggs
Custard G - dairy, eggs
Diuers Sallets - dairy
Drawen Benes (vegan) V
Eeles in Bruet G - fish
Eisands with Otemeale Y - dairy, eggs
Ember Day Tart - dairy, eggs
Emplumeus (cooked apples)
Fine Cakes (cookies) - dairy, eggs
Fine Spice Z -
Flaune of Almayne
Frittata (Egg Omelet) G - dairy, eggs
Frumenty - eggs
Funges (vegan) V
Garlic Cheese - dairy, eggs
Garnished Turnips - dairy
Genovese Tart G - dairy
Grape Pudding G
Greens (spinach) Z
Gyngerbrede G
Hazelnut Beverage G
Hypocras (spiced wine)
Italian Pudding (bread pudding) - dairy, eggs
Jance Sauce G
Leche Lumbarde (date bars)
Lenten Slices
Let lory Y
Lorey de Boolas Y
Lumbard Mustard
Marizpan G
Marmelade of Quinces
Marzipan Torte G
Mawmenee (vegan version) V
May Eggs - eggs
Mon Amy G - dairy, eggs
Mushroom Tart Z - dairy
Mushroom Tart G - dairy, eggs
Mustard Sauce Z
Onion and Parsley Salad
Onions with Cumin Sauce
Parsnip Pie
Parsnip Pie - dairy
Payne Foundewe (bread pudding) G - eggs
Peach Tart
Pear Tart G - dairy
Peeres in Confyt
Peres in Composte G
Perys en Composte
Pety Pernauntes - eggs
Pickled Cabbage G
Pickled Vegetables
Plum Tart G - dairy
Pochee (poached eggs with custard sauce) - dairy, eggs
Potage of ris - dairy
Pottage of Turnips
Powder Douce
Powder Douce C
Powder Fine
Powder Fort
Prince Bisket G - eggs
Pynade (candy)
Quynces or Wardones in paast
Rapeye Y
Rice Lombard
Rice Tart G - eggs
Rice in Almond Milk
Rique-Manger (eggs and apples) - eggs
Roasted Rice G - dairy
Roasted Turnips - dairy, eggs
Roman Macaroni G - dairy
Rys Y
Ryse G
Rysschews of Fruit
Salad of Greens G -
Salad of Roots G -
Salat G
Salat of Apples and Onions G
Salat of Asparagus G - dairy
Sallet - dairy
Salmon Pie - fish
Salomene - fish
Sauce Gauncile - dairy
Sauce for Stekys
Sauce for a Conie G - dairy
Scallops - fish
Short Paest for Tartes (pie crust) - dairy, eggs
Shrimp G - fish
Snowe - dairy, eggs
Sobre Sauce
Soft Stewed Pears Z
Spanish Pastries (Almond Roll) G - dairy
Spinach Tart - dairy, eggs
Strawberries in Snow - dairy, eggs
Strawberry Tart G
Stuffed Eggs - dairy, eggs
Stuffed Eggs Z - eggs
Sugared Almonds
Sweet Spice Z -
Tart of Onions - dairy, eggs
Tart of Prunes G - eggs
Tart of Turnips C
Tarte of Wardens (pear pie)
Tartys In Applis
Tartys In Applis V
To Bake Eeles G - dairy, fish
To Make a Tart (chard and spinach) Z - dairy, eggs
Tortelli G - eggs
Tostee (toast w/syrup)
Twisted Bread of Milk and Sugar G - dairy, eggs
Vegetable Stew Z
Vermicelli - dairy
Verte Sauce
Wafers - dairy, eggs
White Peas in Gravy Y
Wild Duck Sauce
Wortes (cabbage) G - dairy
Yellow Pepper Sauce
Zabaglone (wine custard) - eggs
bolas Y

Recipes marked C are the work of Celeste Myers and are hosted here by permission.

Recipes marked D are the work of Craig Jones and are hosted on his website, Jolly Duke Tavern.

Recipes marked G are the work of Kristen Wright and are hosted on her website,

Recipes marked H are the work of Diana Hart and are hosted here by permission.

Recipes marked V are the work of Felice Debbage and are hosted here by permission.

Recipes marked Y are the work of Yonnie Travis and are hosted on her website, Give it Forth.

Recipes marked Z are the work of Jennifer Marshall-Craig and are hosted here by permission.

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