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Rissoles On A Meat Day

Recipe by Daniel Myers

I used this recipe (with the cheese) as the filling for a double-crust pie. Add a vegetable side dish and you end up with a nice, reasonably easy dinner.


1 lb. ground pork
4 eggs, hard boiled, finely chopped
1/2 lb. cheese, grated (optional)
2 tsp. powder fine
pinch salt


Drop small pieces of ground pork into boiling, salted water. Cook until almost done and drain. Add eggs, cheese, and spice powder. Use as filling for a baked pie, fried pies, or as a stuffing for a pig or chicken.

RISSOLES ON A MEAT DAY are seasonable from St. Remy's Day (October 1). Take a pork thigh, and remove all the fat so that none is left, then put the lean meat in a pot with plenty of salt: and when it is almost cooked, take it out and have hard-cooked eggs, and chop the whites and yolks, and elsewhere chop up your meat very small, then mix eggs and meat together, and sprinkle powdered spices on it, then put in pastry and fry in its own grease. And note that this is a proper stuffing for pig; and any time the cooks shop at the butcher's for pig-stuffing : but always, when stuffing pigs, it is good to add old good cheese.

Published: 2004-02-02