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Sweet Spice

Recipe by Jennifer Marshall-Craig


1/4 oz cloves
1 oz ginger
1 oz cinnnamon
1 oz Indian bay leaves


Grind all spices together and store in an air tight container in a dry, dark area.

Indian Bay is in the Laurel family, but Bay Laurel is a weak subsititue by itself. You can add more cinnamon or allspice to increase the flavor.

LXXIV Sweet spices, enough for many good and fine things. The best fine sweet spices that you can make, for lamprey pie or for other good fresh water fish that one makes in a pie, and for good broths and sauces. Take a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, an ounce of good ginger, an ounce of soft (or sweet) cinnamon, and take a quantity (the same amount of?) Indian bay leaves (*) and grind all these spices together how you please. And if you don’t want to do more, take these things (spices) in the same ratio (without grinding) and they will be marvelously good.

* the glossary at the end of the Arnaldo Forni edition of this book indicates that folio in this recipe refers to malabathrum or Cinnamomum tamala also known as Indian bay leaf.

LXXIV. Specie dolce per assay cosse bone e fine. Le meior specie dolze fine che tu fay se vuoi per lampreda in crosta e per altri boni pessi d'aque dolze che se faga in crosto e per fare bono brodetto e bon savore. Toi uno quarto de garofali e una onza de bon zenzevro e toy una onza de cinamo leto e toy arquanto folio e tute queste specie fay pestare insiema caxa como te piaxe, e se ne vo' fare piú, toy le cosse a questa medessima raxone et è meravigliosamente bona.

Published: 2012-03-10