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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Caboches. Take caboches, and washe hom in clene water, and boyle hom we!, and at the feconde boyle, take hom doun off the fyre, and presse hom wel tyl the water be clene oute, and then cutte hom in grete peces, and caste hom in the broth of beef, and seth hom up with maribones,- and colour hom then with sasfrone, and thikke hit with grated bred; but for a lorde hit schal be thikked with yolkes of eyren beten, and thenne let hit ones boyle, and serve hit forthe.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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Cabochis. Take faire Cabochis, pike hem and wassh hem, and parboyle hem; then presse oute the water on a faire borde, choppe hem, and cast hem in a faire potte with goode fressh broth and with Mary-bones, And lette hem boyle; then take faire grate brede, and cast there-to, saferon, and brede, salt, and lete boyle ynogh, And then serue hit forth. []

Cabaches. Take cabaches and cut hom on foure, and mynce onyons therewith, and the white of lekes, and cut hom small, and do all togedur in a potte, and put therto gode broth, and let hit boyle; and colour hit with saffron, and put therto pouder douce, and serve hit forthe. []

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