To make Raviolis
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The Source Recipe
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To make Raviolis. Make paste of white flour with eggs and butter, & make little covers like the others, then take roasted veal, cold or other veal cooked: for a pound of meat half a pound of beef fat, & chop well all together, & put therein three raw eggs , three ounces of grated parmesan, & mix well all together, & make raviolis like the others, then put them to boil in water, & remove them from the water, & put there five or six to a plate with broth that is fatty, & sprinkle thereon grated parmesan, & cinnamon, & make to boil two or three boilings in the plate, & serve so: if you want them smaller they can be put a dozen on a plate.

Related Recipes
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31 To make ravioli. Take spinach and blanch it as if you were making cooked spinach, and chop it small. Take approximately one handful, when it is chopped, cheese or meat from a chicken or capon that was boiled or roasted. Then take twice as much cheese as herb, or of chicken an equal amount, and beat two or three eggs into it and make a good dough, put salt and pepper into it and make a dough with good flour, as if you would make a tart, and when you have made little flat cakes of dough then put a small ball of filling on the edge of the flat cake and form it into a dumpling. And press it together well along the edges and place it in broth and let it cook about as long as for a soft-boiled egg. The meat should be finely chopped and the cheese finely grated. []

Another ravioli. Take a good handful of boiled spinach, a small handful of chopped mint with the spinach, & press out well the water, three ounces of grated parmesan, four ounces of fresh butter, three egg yolks, two nutmegs, half an ounce of cinnamon, & make little ravioli, & put it to boil like the others, & put on plate as you want to put with water & butter, parmesan & cinnamon thereon like the others, & serve them so when they are boiled two or three boilings thereon the plate. []

LXII - Ravioli fried etc. If you want to make fried ravioli for 12 persons, take 3 pounds of pork belly and two fresh cheeses strained and take 8 eggs and 12 or three ounces of currants and enough leaves of parsley and two pounds of fresh sumac and quarter of an ounce of sugar and take the pork belly and boil and then beat / mash well, and the cheese that you have well washed and well mashed with the currants well washed and the said spices and all these things; make a batter and make ravioli small and soft and put them to fry in grease; when they are fried powder with sugar and put them before the other "inbandixon". []

LXIII - Ravioli ready to serve of herbs fantastic. If you want to make ravioli of herbs or of other manners, take herbs and peel and wash well; then boil it a little and pull them out and squeeze away all the water and chop with a knife and put in a mortar and take cheese fresh and strained, egg and spices sweet and strong and mix well together and make a paste and then take the thin pasta in the way of lasagne and take a large measure and make the ravioli. When they are make put to cook and when they are well cooked powder above enough spices with good cheese enough and they are good. []

LXIV - Ravioli in another way it is called "licaproprii". Take fresh cheese well sweet and pull away the water well and then mash well and temper with the white of an egg and put in a little flour. Have fat of lard cleaned and make the licaproprii (cheese balls ? ) with floured hands and make them large and round like apples and make them cook enough, when they are cooked pull out of the fat and dust well with sugar and serve them hot to the table. []

Ravioles. Tak freysch pork & braun of hennys grind it smal yelks of eyren & grind hem & do ther to good poudre of maces qwybibes & mong with alwynd it in past & set it in a panne of fat broth colour it with saffron & florysch hem with hole chese gratyd. []

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