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This is an excerpt from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]
(England, 1425)
The original source can be found at R. Warner's "Antiquitates culinariae" (1791)

Caboches. Take caboches, and washe hom in clene water, and boyle hom we!, and at the feconde boyle, take hom doun off the fyre, and presse hom wel tyl the water be clene oute, and then cutte hom in grete peces, and caste hom in the broth of beef, and seth hom up with maribones,- and colour hom then with sasfrone, and thikke hit with grated bred; but for a lorde hit schal be thikked with yolkes of eyren beten, and thenne let hit ones boyle, and serve hit forthe.


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