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Leche Lumbard

This is an excerpt from Forme of Cury
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at the Project Gutenberg website

Leche Lumbard. XX.III. V. Take rawe Pork and pulle of the skyn. and pyke out þe skyn synewes and bray the Pork in a morter with ayrenn rawe do þerto suger, salt, raysouns coraunce, dates mynced, and powdour of Peper powdour gylofre. an do it in a bladder, and lat it seeþ til it be ynowhz. and whan it is ynowh, kerf if leshe it in likenesse of a peskodde, and take grete raysouns and grynde hem in a morter, drawe hem Up wiþ rede wyne, do þerto mylke of almaundes colour it with saunders an safroun. and do þerto powdour of peper an of gilofre and boile it. and whan it is iboiled; take powdour of canel and gynger, and temper it up with wyne. and do alle þise thynges togyder. and loke þat it be rennyns, and lat it not seeþ after that it is cast togyder, an serue it forth.


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