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Ciij - Fygeye

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

Ciij - Fygeye. Take Fygys, an sethe hem tylle they ben neysshe, than bray hem tylle they ben smal; thenne take hem vppe an putte hem in a potte, and Ale ther-to; than take Bred y-gratyd, an Pyne3 hole, and caste ther-to, and let boyle wyl; and atte the dressoure, caste on pouder Canel y-now, and serue forth: and 3if thow wolt colour yt in .iij. maners, thou my3t, with Saunderys, Safroun, and of hym-self, and ley on pouder y-now, and serue forth [correction; sic = f].


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