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This is the purviaunce made for Kinge Richard, beinge with the Duc of lancastre at the Bisshoppes place of Durham at Londone, the xxiii day of September, the yere of the kinge forsaid .xij./ A.D. 1387.

First course:
Venesone with Furmenty.
A potage called viaundbruse.
Hedes of Bores.
Grete Flessh.
Swannes rosted.
Pigges rosted.
Crustade lumbard in paste.
And a Sotelte.

Second course:
A potage called Gele.
A potage de Blandesore.
Pigges rosted.
Cranes rosted.
Fesauntes rosted.
Herons rosted.
Chekens endored.
Broke braune.
Conyngges rosted.
And a sotellte.

Third course:
Potage. bruete of Almondes.
Stwde lumbarde.
Venysone rosted.
Chekenes rosted.
Rabettes rosted.
Partrich rosted.
Peions rosted.
Quailes rosted.
Larkes rosted.
Payne puff.
A Dissh of Gely.
Longe Frutours.
And a Sotelte.

Source: Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books, (England, 1450)