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Recipe by Daniel Myers

I suspect that the word "agraz" is a corrupted form of the French word "aigre" (sour). The recipe is for a form of verjuice, and would have been used as an ingredient in other recipes to provide tartness and acidity, much as lemon juice is used in modern cuisines. The resulting juice is somewhat sour, but surprisingly pleasant tasting.


2 tart apples
1 turnip
1 Tbsp. fresh parsley
1/2 cup water

35. Ein agraz (An agraz). Nim holtze epfele und peterlin und bezzin. und stoz ez zu sammene und drücke uz. daz die petersilie ein wenic zuvar. daz heizzet auch agraz.

Take wood apples and parsley and turnips and pound it together and press it out, that the parsley colors a little. That is also called Agraz.

32. Wilt du machen einen agraz (How you want to make an agraz). Nim wintriubele und stoz sur ephele. diz tu zu sammene. menge ez mit wine. und drüches uz. dise salse ist gut zu scheffinem braten und zu hüenren. und zu vischen. und heizzet agraz.

Take grapes and pound sour apples. Add this together. Mix it with wine and squeeze it out. This sauce is good for roasting sheep and hens and fish and is called Agraz (Agraz is a sour broth from immature fruit, often called verjuice.).

Published: 2011-06-28