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Cruste Rolle

Recipe by Daniel Myers

A fried cracker, sort of like a tortilla chip. These could easily serve as a pre-dinner snack (like breadsticks) or as a dessert coated in sugar.


2 cups flour
3 eggs
dash salt
pinch saffron
oil (for frying)

Cruste Rolle. Take fayre smal Flowre of whete; nym Eyroun & breke þer-to, & coloure þe past with Safroun; rolle it on a borde also þinne as parchement, rounde a-bowte as an oblye; (Note: Oble, sacramental wafer) frye hem, & serue forth; and þus may do in lente, but do away þe Eyroun, & nym mylke of Almaundys, & frye hem in Oyle, & þen serue forth.

Anoþur mete þat hatte cresterole. Nim flour of corne and ayren & make past, icoloured wyþ saffron þe halue dole þe past, & þe halue dole qwyttl & soþþe rolle on a bord ase þunne ase parchemin, & rolle tounde al aboutee as a kake; & make ase wel in leynteen ase in oþur tyme, wyþ alemauns in oile ifried.

Lesenges Fries. Take floure, water, saffron, sugur, and salt, and make fyne paast þer-of, and faire thyn kakes; and kutte hem like losenges, and fry hem in fyne oile, and serue hem forthe hote in a dissh in lenten tyme.

Lorey pastries. To make little Lorey pastries, make pastries the size of a blank or smaller, and fry them. The pastry should not be too high [thick?]. If you wish to make some lettuces and small ears, make pastry lids, some larger than others, and fry them in lard until they are as hard as if cooked in an oven. If you wish, gild them with gold or silver leaf, or with saffron.

Published: 2004-08-06