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Garnished Turnips

Recipe by Daniel Myers

Medieval Europe's answer to Au Gratin Potatoes! I've tried different herb and spice combinations and (to me) the flavor of the fine spice powder somehow seems to work the best.


5 or 6 small turnips
1 1/2 cups (6 oz.) mozzarella or provolone
1/2 cup (4 oz.) parmesan
4 Tbsp. butter, melted
fine spice powder


Peel turnips, boil until tender, and allow to cool. Meanwhile, slice mozzarella or provolone very thinly or grate. Also grate parmesan. Slice turnips about an eighth of an inch thick. Coat the bottom of a deep baking dish with butter. Then layer the ingredients starting with cheese, then turnips, then coat with butter butter, then sprinkle with spice. Repeat the layers, keeping each one as thin as possible. Top with more cheese. Bake at 350° until cheese is melted.

[27.] Rappe Armate. Fa cocere le rape soto la braxa, ho vero falle allessare integre; poi tagliale in fette grosse como la costa d'un cortelo; he haverai caso permesano, ho altro bono caso grasso, tagliato in fette large como quelle de le rappe, ma piu sutile ; he habi zucaro, pipero he specie dolce miscolateinsieme; he aconzarai queste fette in una padella da torta per ordine, suso el fondo queste fette de caso, ponendo de sopra bono butiro fresco, he poi le fette de le rappe, he cusi de grado in grado agiongendo sempre per tuto de quelle miscolate specie; he cusi farai cocere in la dita padella cum del butiro assai per spacio de uno quarto de hora ho piu al modo de una torta; et questa imbandisone se da da poi ale altra.

27. Garnished Turnips. Cook the turnips under the coals, or else boil them whole, then cut them into slices the thickness of a knife blade; get Parmesan cheese or some other good fat cheese cut into slices as broad as the turnip slices but thinner; and get sugar, pepper, and mild spices mixed together; lay out these slices in a torte pan in layers - on the bottom the slices of cheese with good fresh butteron top, and then the slices of turnip, and so on from layer to layer always adding the spice mixture everywhere; you cook it like that in the pan, with a good amount of butter, for a quarter of an hour or more as you would a torte. This banquet dish is served after the others.

Published: 2006-09-5